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Admit it or not, majority of businesses are built mainly for profit. In fact, most of the things we now see in the internet—be they outright ads or any story that people could relate to—will  eventually sell something to someone. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. The world of commerce revolves around providing people’s needs and making decent profits so it can sustain doing so. This is pretty much how the business world works nowadays.


But then there are some businesses that are born not only because they want to satiate the needs of consumers, but also to be able to give back to the society by channeling a chunk of their profits to worthy causes.


Take AttiGO Online Shop, for example. It was the vision of its owner to establish a venue where customers can share their blessings while shopping, which gave birth to this E-Commerce platform. Initially intended to be a low-key but high-quality online shop, it now serves as a channel where the owner could help the marginalized by allocating funds from its proceeds to designated charity partners.


A lifestyle of giving. This is what the vision was meant to fulfill when AttiGO was launched in January of this year. A nation where when people shop or buy something for themselves, they also think of the less fortunate who could not even complete three meals in one day, or kids who couldn’t go to school because their parents couldn’t afford to provide their basic needs and give them allowance, or simply because these kids themselves need to work to fend for their family members and themselves. And when these unschooled kids become adults, they end up not being able to land profitable jobs because they don’t have diplomas or the skills needed to do productive work. And if we don’t realize it yet, this becomes a vicious cycle that contributes to the nation’s worsening poverty situation.


While education per se is not the antidote to poverty, educated individuals are the ones who are able to do useful work that impacts the economy and the society at large. So when people develop the heart to help the less fortunate and give out of their blessings, it creates ripples that affect a large part of humanity. When giving becomes intentional, it creates a sense of fulfillment on the part of the giver. And when this happens, giving gradually becomes a habit. AttiGO provides the venue that allows sharing to be a habit among its customers.


Partnerships that Impact the World. Having officially partnered with World Vision Development Foundation, Inc. last May 18, 2017, AttiGO now supports World Vision’s work of improving the lives of more than 120,000 children and 16 million Filipinos in 33 provinces and 44 cities in the Philippines. 

Every time a customer buys an item from the AttiGO Online Shop, he or she paves the way for the betterment of the society by helping raise funds for a child’s schooling and providing sustainable livelihood to this family. Of course the effect is multiplied further when the customer opts to donate an additional amount to his or her charity of choice. Thus, AttiGO is able to contribute to the nation when more customers buy (and donate) through its platform.





How it works is such a cool deal as well. AttiGO users can donate to World Vision by using the voucher code WorldVision60th upon checkout. This also entitles the user to a 10% discount on regular AttiGO items, or 5% on items discounted up to 50%. This means that the user gets discounts while enjoying the privilege of sharing! Isn’t that great?


And how else is AttiGO different from other online shops out there? Simply, its heart and where it lies – giving. So much so that it also provides ways where users can earn without capital via its Affiliate Program (but yes, that will entail another article altogether). Profit, the tangible quantity of fairly reciprocated efforts and sales is good, yes, but beyond the charts and sales, the primary goal and profit of AttiGO is giving, and returning back to the consumers – and beyond, the reason for the existence of AttiGO’s heartbeat.


As they say, “give and you shall receive.” It has never rang as true as how AttiGO proves it to be. Now people are allowed to shop to his or her heart’s delight, and still SHOP with LOVE, through AttiGO.



The best way to help a child overcome poverty and injustice is to help his community become a better place to grow up in. (Photo and caption line lifted from